The “Kraeuter Mix” Journey

Headquartered in Panagoda, Sri Lanka, Kraeuter Mix Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is a pioneer in the supply of Herbs, Dehydrated Fruits, Flowers, Spices, Flavours and value addition services for Industries such as Tea, Pharmaceuticals and retail in Sri Lanka and Overseas.

Founded in the year 2007 under the Companies Act No. 7 of 2007 as a Private Limited Company, Kraeuter Mix Lanka began its commercial venture supplying to Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka who held TIEP facilities at the time. Co- Founder and Current Director Mr. Ahmed Ariffeen, A tea taster by profession seeing immense promise and potential in the flavoured tea segment along with the support of their new found supply partner Kraeuter mix GMBH gave way to the birth of Kraeuter Mix Lanka. Primarily a family – owned business the company saw its vision for transforming the conventional tea industry flourishing early on and since then has embarked on a rapid growth phase.

With the trend of flavoured tea catching wind in local and foreign markets the young company soon saw itself dealing with constantly evolving customer requirements not only from Producers of tea but also the wider consumer goods market. But the strong alliance between Kraeuter Mix GMBH and Kraeuter Mix Lanka proved to be the driving force behind the successful operation in Sri Lanka despite various obstacles. Kraeuter Mix GMBH which is based in Germany saw its inception in the year 1919. Being synonymous with safety for almost 100 years it is a classic story of a small herbalist transforming into an international powerhouse which is currently generating revenues of over EUR 115 Million.

Supporting the growth momentum with fresh ideas and an innovative spirit, Kraeuter Mix Lanka soon reached full capacity and needed to move into bigger spaces with modern facilities. In the Year 2008 the company made a strategic investment into maintaining a bonded warehouse facility – an investment that would later prove to be critical for the future of Kraeuter mix Lanka.

Fast forward to 10 years later, Completing a successful decade of Exceptional Product quality andservice excellence the company now prides itself as the only supplier with an integrated “Private Bonded Warehouse” of more than 1,500 Square feet and an in – house Wharf Unit specializing in Clearing and Logistics Services supplying to more than 350 Well Reputed Tea and other Fast Moving Consumer Goods Manufactures in Sri Lanka and Overseas.

Kraeuter Mix Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, is an ISO 22000: 2005 certified company which is also certified by Control Union Certifications for Organic production methods.