With the establishment of new production techniques and procedures our portfolio of Dehydrated and freeze dried vegetables and fruits is both unique and rare. We carry Fruits and vegetable that are endemic to certain parts of the world which is a great value addition for our customers.

Almond Black Orange

Apple Cinnermon Blend

Balance Tea

Buttered drum

Cherry Dream

fruit Infution

Children blend

CoCo Chai Rooibus

Evening Herbs Mix

Fruit Inftuion

Dragan fruit Fruit Infution

1001 night

Green Tea with Chamomiel

Herbal Blend

Sacramento Herbal Infution


Lemon Zest

Leom suprem gree

Masala mIx

Morroco Blend

Pear cream surprise

Pinacalado Blend

Ramadan Tea

Red Tea Fruit Infution

Relaxing Mix

Rosehip Hibiscus blend

Sun flower blossom

blend Tropical Blend

Winter Blend