Culinary & Medicinal Herbs

Being pioneers in the herbs and flavours trade we offer a wide range of culinary and medicinal herbs. Procured directly from top producers in the world we offer unmatched quality and service excellence meeting thousands of customer orders annual

Englisch / English Latein / Latin
Aloe Aloe capensis
Bassil Basilici folium
Bay Leaves  
Black Berry Leaves Rubi fruticosi folium
Curry Leaves  
Dandelon Leaves  
Jasmine Leaves  
Lemon Balm Leaves ( Meliza) Melissae folium
Lemon Grass  
Lemon Verbenia leaves  
Lime Tree ( Linden) Tiliae folium
Marjoram Majoranae herba
Nettle Leaves Urticae folium
Peppermint leaves Menthae piperitae folium
Rosemary Rosmarini folium
Sage Leaves Salviae officinalis folium
Senna Leaves Sennae folium
Spearmint leaves Menthae crispae folium
Strawberry Leaves Fragariae folium
Thyme Serpylli herba