Kraeuter Mix India (Pvt) Ltd

Upon establishing a successful operation in Sri Lanka and having more than 11 years of experience in the herbs and flavors business, Krauter Mix India was incorporated on the 27th June 2016. From humble beginnings of a Family – Owned business to transformation into a diversified business conglomerate, the company boasts of stringent quality and effective process implementation.

Supplying a broad range of Culinary Herbs, Spices, Dried Vegetables, Dried fruits and flowers for industries such as Food, Pharmaceuticals and Retail in India, We are the Sole agents for Kreautermix GMBH based in Germany since the year 2007.

Our Business relationship with Kraeuter Mix GMBH goes back a decade ago when we were initially venturing out to supply herbs and flavors to Tea exporters in Sri Lanka who held TIEP facilities at the time. Founded in the year 1919, Kraeuter Mix GMBH first commenced its business operations in the cultivation and trade in medicinal plants, peppermint and other herbs in large quantities. Passing on the reigns from grandfather to grandson Kraeuter mix GMBH enters its third generation in management whilst being considered a global powerhouse, dominating export markets and boasting of a top line surpassing EUR 115 million.

Along with the full support of Kraeuter Mix GMBH, Our operations in India has seen significant growth since its incorporation. Bringing in an extensive range of Products, superior expertise & technical capabilities Kraeuter Mix India is geared up and ready to serve the Indian Market. Our Registered office is situated in Kolkota which is the principal Commercial, Educational and cultural center of East India making it convenient for our valued customers to liaise with us.

Our Value proposition to customers is that we guarantee a steady consistent supply of products, ensuring the highest possible standards and the best prices focusing on customer satisfaction at all times. Focusing on future progress the company plans on investing in value added services such as Blending, Mixing, Packaging, Logistics and Microbiological testing.

Our Vision

“Striving to be Asia Pacific’s Leading establishment by 2025, empowering consumersthrough healthier Value added products”

Our Mission

“Dedication towards building a sustainable business whilst delivering highest quality andstandard to our consumers in a timely manner”

Our Products


We take great pride in delivering quality and innovation in our products. Our sophisticated Production processes and efficient supply partners ensure consistent availability and unmatched prices to our valued customers


Bringing forth a myriad of exotic and rare herbs from around the globe which are procured from only the top producers, we ensure that all our products are stored in our infestation- protected warehouses whereby controlling its nutritional properties under just the right balance of temperature and moisture.

2. Dried flowers

In our portfolio we showcase a spectacular range of dried flowers for medicinal or other commercial purposes, dried and preserved through special techniques to suit your requirements.

3. Dehydrated fruits

Earning us a reputation for quality and standard across national borders our range of dehydrated and freeze dried fruits stands testament to the stringent production function that we follow. Our portfolio includes both local and imported fruits that is used in a variety of industries.

4. Pure Ceylon spices

Including Pure Ceylon Cinnamon, Pepper, Cloves, Cardamom, Nutmeg & Vanilla we supply a variety of Sri Lankan spices and allied products meeting the quantity and quality requirements of our valued customer


Our Values

  • Be “Customer – Centric” : Proactively engage in evolving Customer requirements whilstbeing responsible and accountable
  • Support the well – being of our people by fostering a great Work space
  • Create Social Value and Improve the Environment around us
  • Honesty and Integrity above all
  •  Team work – Makes the Dream work

    Board of Directors

  •  Mr Nasir Ahmed Arifeen – (Managing Director)
  •  Mrs. F. Shirzeena Ahmed Arifeen – (Director)
  •  Mr.D.Arunachalam – (Director)
  •  Mr.U.Deivanayagam – (Director)




A2, IInd Floor, Maranatha Towers, 254, Kilpauk Garden Road, Chennai – 600 010,India.

No 36/7D East Topsia Road, Uttar Panchanna Gram, Kolkata -700 039

T + 91 44 2644 2029  | M + 91 984048 5112