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The family-owned HERB MIX is a DIN EN ISO 9001/IFS (Higher Level) certified supplier of high quality raw materials for the food, pharmaceutical and retail offer the customers an extensive range of products in the areas of dried vegetables, herbs, fruit and herbal teas and medicinal herbs in almost all forms of processing and finishing, conventional and certified organic. Over 90 years experience, technical capabilities, the “know-how” of our qualified staff and cooperation with effective international partner companies will put your satisfaction.

Our core competence lies in manufacturing customized products with a high safety standard benefit from years of experience in various manufacturing processes such as crushing, grinding, sorting, screening, cleaning, sorting, mixing, pelleting, microbial reduction and storage of protective treatment as well as modern machinery and equipment. Proprietary infestation and harvest across storage ensures high product availability and in conjunction with other performance modules such as “just-in-time” deliveries directly to your production, increase costs without quarantine and other shutdown costs.